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About Mother’s Nest


Mother’s Nest, The complete maternity studio.

Being pregnant is the most wondrous and magical adventure that a woman can experience in her life. The pregnant woman looks forward to her baby’s arrival in this world with huge anticipation. The biggest challenge an expectant mother faces today is getting all she needs under one roof at a reasonable price. There was a need for stylish but practical garments that could be worn by pregnant women of all shapes and sizes, within an affordable cost. A maternity label that caters to our climate extremes.


We understand every expectant mother and we created a one stop shopping solution for all her pregnant needs. Mother’s Nest – The complete maternity studio, is a one stop shopping solution for Pregnant Women. Mother’s Nest houses everything a pregnant lady is looking for. From Maternity tops to formal pants, denim wears to pinafores, from night wears to nursing gowns, from nursing bras to maternity briefs, the list is endless.